Katy Oz

[Be Better At Being Bad Keynote Presenter]

Breathwork and Sensuality Coach

Katy Oz is a Breathwork and Sensuality Coach, body positive public speaker and content creator - supporting you to reclaim your inner power and femininity. 
She is an open book and positively shines light on all taboo topics, with no judgment or shame as she is true to her self from the moment she wakes up. Katy practices what she preaches in all areas of her life from breathwork to open-relating.
Katy works with clients around the world dropping them out of the mind and into their body with Breathwork and Sensuality practices. She  has a number of success stories from couples she has guided into their first threesome or consensual non-monogamy experiences. 

A phenomenal public speaker Katy shares and promotes body positivity, sexual desires and fantasies, supporting and leading the way for others wishing to expand their pleasure individually or in a relationship. Katy openly shares her Bi-sexuality Ladyboy adventures and is showing the world, anything is possible.
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