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A First Of Its Kind Summit For The Sex Positive Community

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What is Be Better At Being Bad Week?

In short... something different!
Are we going to party? Of course!
Will there be shows, playrooms, and clothing optional fun? You better believe it!

Will you be surrounded by the fittest group of hedonists ever assembled for a Lifestyle party? Damn right!

But you will also leave BBBB week armed with information that will transform your journey through consensual non-monogamy. Experts from 3 different continents will help teach you the latest science on staying fit, how to extend your health and vitality, techniques to make you a professional bedroom athlete, and tips to help strangle every last drop of joy out of open sexuality.

You'll have opportunities to workout, or not... eat healthy, or not... participate in never-before-seen competitions, or not. But no matter how you choose to spend your time, at the end of the week you will undoubtedly...

Be Better At Being Bad!

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Immersive Edutainment 

Our curated experts from the health and wellness spectrum will present interactive and engaging sessions guaranteed to help you Be Better At Being Bad!

Unique Competitions & Mind Blowing Events

Hedo's entertainment is always world class but BBBB will add tons of never before seen events sure to challenge and excite you!

The Fittest Party In The Lifestyle

You don't have to be fit to attend but this will undoubtedly be the hottest group ever assembled for a party at Hedo!


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