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Dragonfly - Holistic Somatic Sexologist 

A foundational belief of Pure Orgasmic Love is that sexual health, erotic education, and pleasure are fundamental human rights. Everyone deserves to learn how to embody more connection and pleasure so they can create profoundly fulfilling, passionate sex and relationships.

Dragonfly, the woman behind Pure Orgasmic Love, is sometimes called the sensual tsunami, magic hands, or lightning in a bottle. She is a sex-positive, non-monogamous, kinky woman who enthusiastically supports all forms of relationship design and loves sharing her story, vulnerability, and knowledge with others.

Dragonfly graduated from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality with a degree in Sexology. She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatica® Method Sex & Relationship Coach, Non-Monogamy Coach, and Advocate for Women's Empowerment. She presents and educates on various not-so-sexy and sexy topics, including communication, anatomy, breath & orgasmic meditations, trauma, body awareness, sensual movement, sexual techniques, and creating relationships by design. 

It's been an honor for Dragonfly to be a featured presenter at Naughty In N'awlins (the largest lifestyle convention in the US), Hedonism II Resort, Caliente Resort, Naughty Cruise, Bliss Cruise, and Fet Con. As well as the first Somatic Sexologist on XR University and a contributor to the Nusa Sun Magazine, ASN Magazine, and The Sexy Lifestyle Podcast. She also hosts her podcast, Pure Orgasmic Love w/Dragonfly. All to help seed more love and pleasure in the world. 

Her passion for guiding others to understand their pleasure and expand their erotic and relationship intelligence has supported Dragonfly in creating her own immersive educational PleasurePlayshops™, Goddess & Couples Gateways, and her uniquely body-focused, erotically-centered Pleasure Retreats. These offerings allow women and couples to explore their needs, wants, and desires in safe, consensual, fun, and arousing experiences worldwide.

Dragonfly looks forward to connecting and helping you learn, embody, and experience to enhance your wellness, life, and pleasure at BBBB-Be Better @ Being Bad Week with Naughty Gym and Hedonism II. The Fittest Party in the Lifestyle!

For more information and to learn, embody and experience with Dragonfly, please head over to: PureOrgasmicLove.com

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