Kate Gordon

[Be Better At Being Bad Keynote Presenter]

CrossFit Games Athlete, L3 Coach, Nutrition Expert, Gone Rogue Podcast

Nutrition Coaching
Fitness Programming
Gone Rogue Podcast

 Kate Gordon is a 2x CrossFit Games Athlete (2015, 2019) and a CFL3 trainer who has been coaching for over 10 years in the industry and also happens to be non-monogamous and enjoys wild sexual escapades with her partner, Greg, which they talk about on their podcast, Gone Rogue.


Kate has built a business on approaching nutrition in a sustainable way where how you look isn't the only priority, it's also about your long-term health and fuelling your training. Your diet and lifestyle will impact everything from your sex drive to your ability to build muscle, it's fundamental to health and wellbeing... and a happy and long sex life.

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