Robbie Oz

[Be Better At Being Bad Keynote Presenter]

The King Of Adult Entertainment And Education

Sexual Mastery
Robbie Oz is an adult film star who specializes in teaching men how to be better in bed. Bampton’s OnlyFans, titled “Sexual Mastery,” has over 22,000 followers and is an extension of the online sex coaching he’s been offering, which primarily focuses on helping men improve their performance and stamina.
His foray into coaching began in his late 20s, when he grew burnt out by the years of swinging he’d pursued since he was a teenager. “I kind of had a wild sex life when I was young, and it left me feeling numb by my mid-to-late 20s." But rather than abandon sex entirely, he began to explore the boundaries of what sex could offer. He started learning about tantric sex, which applies elements of breathwork, massage and slow, deliberate movements in pursuit of a deeper connection with oneself and one’s partners. In doing so, he felt reconnected to his own sexuality beyond just the physical pleasure of penetrative sex. He learned, for example, how to have an orgasm without ejaculating at all.
Robbie's lighthearted energetic teaching style is infectious and unnerving. He is one of the few male sexuality coaches capable of taking even the most carnal of subjects and making them feel normal and accessible. 
A featured speaker and presenter at major adult and sexuality events, Robbie Oz has become the king of adult education. 
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