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When we are healthy and fit everything is easier... everything is better! Let us help you take back control of your journey and perform the way you want, whenever you want!


Boost your confidence and comfort with our expert coaches, premium programming, and supportive community. It's not just about losing fat and getting six-pack abs; it's about the self-assurance that comes from prioritizing your self-care.


Revitalize your energy, banish body aches, and enjoy restful nights with our rejuvenating programs. Experience peak performance and regain your youthful vitality safely and effectively.

Naughty Gym Memberships



Weekly LIVE broadcasts w/April & Scott

6 Programmed Workouts Weekly

Little, No-equipment & Full Gym Versions.

Add-on programs to meet specific goals.

Video Movement Demos 

Nutrition Blueprint, eBooks, & Tips

Webinars & Courses From Industry Experts

Sex positive social community

Access to private social app for secure communication and social engagement.

Priority access to events, meet & greets & adventure trips

No Contracts!



Save $40 for the year!

You get everything from our Individual Monthly Membership at a discounted rate for paying a year in advance!




Do you have questions about fitness, nutrition, sex, consensual non-monogamy or open relationships? 

Hop on a zoom or phone call with Coach April or Scott.

How do I lose weight quickly?

What's the best way for my partner and I to open our relationship?

How do I rehab my shoulder?

Which events are best to attend for people new to ethical non-monogamy?




Everything in the Standard NG Membership, plus...

Initial Zoom Consultation w/your Coach

Twice Monthly Zoom Calls

Ongoing Asynchronous Video Chats 

Injury & Range of Motion Modifications

Nutrition Guidance

Direct Accountability & Motivation

Vacation Prep

Professional advice and so much more!



Why Naughty Gym?

We are an online community of sex positive people striving together through exercise, nutrition, and supportive camaraderie to be the healthiest we can be... Open, Poly, LGBTQ+, Consensual Non-Monogamists of all stripes, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid, and anyone else who feels they don't fall into the category of heteronormative monogamy. We take all the guesswork out of fitness by providing online coaching and workouts our members can do at home, the gym, or on vacation. And to really spice things up we run nutrition challenges, host online events, and organize adventure vacations to give once in a lifetime experiences to the entire Naughty Gym community!

Check out our Podcast


August 23-24th, Huntsville, Alabama

A 2 day action-packed event focused on forming incredible lifestyle connections!

A Vibrant and Secure Community

Our platform was built from the ground up to protect your privacy and encourage engagement with your coaches and other Naughty Gym members. Workouts, videos, pictures, messaging, and events... our community is where all the action happens!


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! In fact, that is one of the biggest misconceptions we hear. 

We will provide you the tools you need to meet your health and fitness goals in a safe and supportive way.  Any one and any fitness level can join.

We love it when people reach out to us to help change their lives, especially when it has been a long time since you've had a consistent exercise program.

Even if you have old injuries or aches and pains (who doesn't) or have never worked out before, we can help you. 

Absolutely, we have at-home and full gym programs. Our at-home program has two daily variations, one with a dumbbell and one with no equipment. Our gym full gym variation requires a larger assortment of equipment. We got you covered no matter what!

Each day's warmup and primary workout can typically be completed in under 30 minutes. Along with eating healthy food, 30 minutes a day is all most people will ever need. 

But for those looking for something more, we have extra work each day that can be done as your fitness progresses and your goals become more aggressive.

We sure do!

All members have access to our simple and effective basic nutrition plan.

If you need in depth personalized nutrition coaching and accountability we can provide 1 on 1 help as well.

We have trained thousands of athletes over several decades. Our experience runs the gamut of fitness, weight loss, competitive running, figure competitions, obstacle course racing, powerlifting, and fitness competitions. We've done a bit of it all. And merging this experience with the Lifestyle community is a great way for us to give back.


We are the ONLY online provider that understands your lifestyle. This program is built around a community of like-minded individuals who gather virtually each day to share in their fitness and health experiences.

Our private social media group on our custom app gives you another outlet throughout the day where you can be... well... you!


At first our workout descriptions may look like hieroglyphics. Don't worry, you'll learn them all soon enough. In the meantime, here's a list of some of the more commonly used terms:

1. FOREPLAY - Naughty's gym's word for the warmup.

2. NUDE - our equipment free or travel version of the daily workout.

3. TOPLESS - Our Dumbbell-only version of the daily workout.

4. ORGY - our full gym workout of the day.

5. RIPPED - optional daily work to help sculpt your physique.

6. GRIND - optional daily work to help increase endurance and burn more calories.

7. LUBE - our daily mobility and stretching routine to help recover from the workouts, increase resistance to injuries, and improve lost ranges of motion.


At any time during your membership, you can choose to cancel your current term. 

All you have to do is log into our community and you can easily manage your account under "Subscriptions" in your profile. 

We do not offer refunds.

NOTE: If you registered under our old system you will need to directly message us at [email protected] to cancel your membership.


We take the privacy of our paid members very seriously. Therefore we do not offer any free trials. We have assured our members that everyone in our community is a paid member and nobody will ever be let in on a trial basis.

"Naughty Gym makes the grind of working out exciting, flirty, and gives us a secure environment to share our successes, failures, and fun with. It brings sex positivity to essential daily health and activity not just to the hedonistic lifestyle we can only occasionally enjoy on vacation or at clubs."

C & D
Naughty Gym Members

With your Naughty Gym community's support and expert coaching, you will conquer your health and fitness goal!

"If you want to improve your health and fitness—and possibly make some friends along the way—give Naughty Gym a try... you are getting a solid workout routine professionally designed and expertly explained by experienced coaches. That alone is more than worth the price of admission."

Shane, Sex On The Fringe
Blogger and author of the erotic novel, Winter Friends

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