1 on 1 Remote Coaching



  • NG Standard Membership, plus...
  • Initial Zoom consultation
  • Twice monthly Zoom accountability calls
  • Ongoing new video chat platform with direct access to your coach.
  • Injury and range of motion modifications
  • Nutrition guidance
  • The best coaches in the business... and all are Sex Positive!



Your program starts with a 30 minute Zoom consultation with your Coach to help them get to know you a bit better, understand your needs, and establish a plan for your future. You'll also get two 15 minute zoom sessions each month to help keep you accountable to your program and to ensure you reach your goals.

Through our video chat app and private social community and you'll be able to ask questions directly and get quick video responses back from your Coach. You can get advice about nutrition, discuss injuries or limitations, and receive motivation to help you consistently stick to your fitness routine. Your coach can even help get ready for your next Lifestyle trip or party!


If you struggle with consistently sticking to your workout routine, this is your answer! 



Coach April is a world class fitness and nutrition coach who has competed at high levels in multiple fitness disciplines including competitive running, figure competitions, CrossFit and Powerlifting. She has coached thousands of athletes with varying goals and fitness levels and has become a recognized expert at helping women feel great about themselves and their body while encouraging them to work hard to improve. There's nothing like having a fitness professional and mentor in your corner to help keep you on track! No more falling off your program after a couple of weeks. April will make sure you stick with it!


"Coach April absolutely changed the way I look at fitness and my body. She has not only helped me improve physically, her constant encouragement and optimism about my progress finally has me feeling comfortable in my own skin. I can't believe how much more confidence I have in myself. And I could never have done this on my own. Her gentle guidance and constant contact kept me from falling back into old habits. She's not just my coach, she's become a friend."

- LYNN, Naughty Gym client



Coach Scott has been in the coaching business most of his adult life. A former tennis teaching professional, he eventually turned his coaching passions toward fitness with a focus on helping people be fit well into the latter parts of their life. He is fond of saying "I want you to look good at the pool and not hurt" and he's an expert at helping you get there. With certifications across multiple fitness disciplines, Scott has coached thousands of athletes to goals in multiple strength and fitness sports. He wants your fitness journey to not only be productive but fun and believes that if you are having fun you will stick with it building the consistency needed for lifelong results. 


"I started working 1 on 1 with Coach Scott in early 2021. I've used countless personal trainers in my life but hands down he's the most knowledgeable. He listened to my goals, my concerns, my list of old injuries and then conjured up a plan like magic. He's made sure I stick to it by video chatting and messaging me with constant encouragement. The best part is that this program has been fun. It's always changing and never boring. And true to his word, I look great at the pool and my body has almost completely rid itself of the old aches and pains that used to keep me on the sidelines of life. Best health decision I've ever made."

- ANDY, Naughty Gym client



Coach Cara is our Naughty Gym Pelvic Floor expert! She has been a personal trainer for 20 years, working with everyone from professional athletes to parents looking to stay fit through pregnancy and beyond to people looking to heal their relationship with their bodies. Her work has been published in Girls Gone Strong, Paleo Magazine, the Naturopathic Doctors Development Center and Scarry Mom. In addition to the pelvic floor, Cara also specializes in mobility training and would love to help you move better to fuck better! Cara's newest passion is working as a Sex and Intimacy Coach. She would love to help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally in your body, in bed, in your relationships...and in as many positions as you want to be in!