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We are the only fitness professionals in America whose primary focus is coaching people in the Lifestyle and others in the sex positive community. We are gym owners and competitive fitness athletes who have coached hundreds of others remotely, just like you, to the body they've always wanted. And we LOVE the Lifestyle. When we go to a party or event we want to look and feel our best and we want the same for you. So we've designed our programs with that goal in mind.

Naughty Gym is a labor of love for us and we are giving you everything you need to get fit, eat weil, and be optimally prepared to enjoy the Lifestyle to its fullest. With your "coach in your pocket" you'll carry around every workout you'll ever need for every environment you find yourself in. You'll have nutrition advice, access to coaches for questions, health information, articles about preparing for big events, and a thriving community of others, just like you, who are trying to be better at being bad. In short, you'll have everything you need to maximize your "play" in the Lifestyle. 😈


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Nutrition &

Weight Loss


What We Offer

Exclusive Health & Wellness Content




Choose between multiple workouts and add-ons each day. At home, on vacation, or at the gym, you'll always have an option that works for you.

Fat Loss

Our workouts are all optimized to help you burn fat and lean out. We want you feeling confident and looking great at the pool or the hot tub.


Naughty Gym workouts are fast. Choose your variation, put on some music and 20-30 minutes later, you're done. 

Private Groups

Our online community  is completely private and allows you to interact securely with members and coaches, ask questions, and post pics and videos.

Joint Friendly

No matter your limitations we can help. Our coaches make sure you understand how to do each workout in a way that doesn't cause joint discomfort. 


You will have daily access to some of the best coaches in the business. Watch demo videos, ask questions, get coaching... all from your pocket!


Get advice on nutritional questions, periodic challenges, recipes, cookbooks and other help sorting through the confusing world of food. 

Health Info

Get exclusive articles, videos, and expert interviews covering health issues specifically for the Lifestyle and sex positive community.


With the power of our growing community we are proud to offer this comprehensive wellness program at a price incomparable to anything in the "vanilla" world. Nobody, and we mean nobody, offers a more complete fitness, nutrition and wellness solution... lifestyle or otherwise! And it all fits in your pocket!


Your membership includes access to every variation of Naughty Gym's daily workouts plus all 3 optional daily add-ons. Pick one or a combination that's right for you!


[click each variation below for a full description]

2 primary DAILY variations
3 optional add-ons

online community

Only for Naughty Gym Members

Naughty Gym's private and ultra-secure MeWe Group allows you to post pictures and videos (be as Naughty as you want) 😈  or interact with your coaches and fellow Naughty Gym members. 

Our online community is the perfect way to keep you motivated and accountable to your fitness program.


You also get access to insider nutrition advice, health and wellness articles, beauty tips, party strategies to feel good through a long weekend, and updates about events in the lifestyle.

And the bigger this group gets the more fun we will all have!

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"In just 3 months of training with Naughty Gym I lost 36 pounds. And I'm doing it with other people in the Lifestyle!"


March, 2020

"At our last hotel takeover party some of our lifestyle friends didn't even recognize us... but they couldn't stop staring!"


January, 2020

"I've never had more fun working out. Each workout is different and I find myself looking forward to exercise for the first time in my life. And having a coach hold me accountable is priceless. Naughty gym is the personal trainer I never knew I needed!"


March, 2020


Click the "Start Today" button below and register now! We will immediately set you up in our MeWe group and send you your first workouts along with all your coaching videos, access to our free nutrition starter guide and a code to purchase some discounted Naughty Gym gear!



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