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Here’s why you have coaches with Naughty Gym:

There’s too much out there. You know you can’t do everything. A lot of it looks—or sounds—good. I’m talking about diet plans, supplements, workout programs and fitness advice. But you can’t do it all, and trying to do too much will actually set you back. I’m guilty!

Everyone knows about overtraining, and we’re all scared of getting injured. But most don’t realize there’s an optimal amount of training to do, just as there’s an optimal amount of food to eat. Too little, and your progress will be slow. Too much and you’ll also stagnate.

We program our Naughty Gym workouts the way we do because it’s a great balance: It’s not too little and it’s not too much. But even as hard as some of the workouts are, many people are tempted to do more: to add a little “recovery run,” or even to do multiple workouts in a day. This is NOT the path to...

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10 Ways to Hold Yourselfā€¦ Accountable.

If I asked you if eating healthy foods was important, you would say ‘of course,’ right? And if I asked whether exercise is key for health and wellness, you would most likely respond with a yes. So if we know that nutrition plus fitness is the magic formula for living a vibrantly healthy life (not to mention the obvious benefits to the ‘Lifestyle’), why don't we do it? Why do we prioritize one over the other? Why do we put one on the back burner and only get serious about it when we’ve been slapped in the face by a wake-up call, such as getting winded by 30 seconds in missionary position or a high blood-pressure reading at the doctor’s office? 

In our experience working with hundreds of individuals through Naughty Gym and our commercial gym, the key is accountability. We’re often willing to let ourselves down time after time, but when someone else is counting on us, we show up for them.


We show up for others because we don't...

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What Metabolism Means (And How To Fix Yours!)

This might be the only thing you read about metabolism that isn’t trying to sell you something.

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns energy. Your body uses calories for energy, like your car uses gas for energy. You need energy (calories) to power your body’s systems, such as digestion and circulation. But you also need calories to move.

When you eat too many calories, you store them as fat. This is where things get complicated: Calories from sugar are more likely to be stored as fat because sugar tricks your body into thinking “here come a lot of calories.” And it’s usually right: It’s easy to pack a LOT of calories into sugary foods. But I’ll keep this at a high level for now.

You want a FAST metabolism, meaning your body burns a LOT of calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. Obviously, you should eat less. But there are three ways you burn calories:

Basal metabolic...

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The Art of Misunderstanding

We are swingers.

I hate that word. It has seedy connotations that make me think of rumors of "key parties" from the 70's. We use the term Consensually Non-Monogamous or CNM.  It means that if we so choose, my husband and I can have sexual relations with another person(s).  We don't identify with any religion so we aren't governed by the religiously imposed laws that say marriage is A) only between a man and a woman and B) must be monogamous.  In fact, marriage as an institution is, in my opinion, a failure.

If you split the U.S. by region, the Bible belt has the highest divorce rate, and this has been the case for over a decade. I was not surprised by that.  I can walk into my kids high school football game and watch the other parents interact or should I say "not" interact with each other.  Yet religion has told them "till death do they part". To be honest, many of them look like their souls have been dead for years.

I was in their shoes. For...

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The Long Road To Loving Myself...Part 1

I was 11 years old the first time an adult pointed out a dimple on my leg. I could feel the heat of embarrassment flush my cheeks as I tried to melt into the floor. Something was wrong with me. Up until that point I had never given my body much thought. I loved my body, it served a purpose. I grew up with 4 brothers.  I was an athlete and a tomboy.  I could keep up with any boy in the neighborhood in a pick up game of basketball or baseball and I had always felt strong.  I ate what I wanted with little thought. 

That one thoughtless comment by an adult at the age of eleven led me down a long journey of battling eating disorders, body dysmorphia and low self-esteem.

My belief that there was something wrong with me was solidified a few months later while at a slumber party with friends. The girls decided to weigh themselves. I had never given much thought about what I weighed. The only time I had been on a scale was at a doctors office. When my turn came, I stepped...

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Take It In The Ass: Staying Healthy In A COVID World

covid fitness health Sep 28, 2021

Let me start by saying we are 100% aware that you don't get a vaccine in the ass. They put it in your arm. However, if we titled this "Take It In The Arm" you probably wouldn't be reading right now.  

Since you're here. You might as well keep reading. I actually started writing this post weeks ago and everyday I've had to go back and edit it.


“I can’t breathe….I don’t want to die.”

This was a message I received from my mother 35 days ago. 

My mother was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 on August 25th. 

She was 72 years old. She lived a sedentary life, had severe seasonal allergies and asthma.  No other medical issues.

My step-father is 63 years old. He works at a steel mill, is in pretty good shape, and has no underlying health conditions.

He was admitted to the hospital on August 30th with COVID-19, 5 days after my mother.

Both of them presented with COVID viral pneumonia and extremely high fevers. 

I won't...

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A Lesson in Authenticity

Recently we were “outed”. Even though we took every precaution we knew to take, hiding our faces, geoblocking our location and blocking everyone in our personal lives from our social media accounts, it still got out.

We were prepared for it, we knew it would eventually happen and we were ready to have those tough conversations.  What we weren’t ready for or didn’t expect, was the loving and kind way that our family and friends, real friends, would respond to it.

Our family didn’t bat an eye and continued to love us, no questions asked. They didn’t chastise us or lecture us. In fact my 74yr old Mother-in-law was unphased. A true expression of unconditional love. Our friends, our TRUE friends supported us and told us basically to tell everyone else to go fuck themselves. They had our backs and could care less.

What we’re “doing”, providing health and fitness to a demographic who want and need it, isn’t wrong. Nor does it...

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3 Tips to Maintain Healthy Habits

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2021

I just finished the book “The Power of Habits” by Charles Duhigg it got me thinking about the things we do everyday. Our days are filled with things that we do out of ‘habit’; from the time we wake up and check our phones to the time we go to sleep at night. Some of them productive and others not exactly conducive to meeting our goals. In his book, Charles Duhigg says “What you do everyday matters more than what you do every once in a while”.

How many of us have tried to establish healthy habits only to give up on them after a few days?

“What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while”

Charles Duhigg

We all know that we should eat healthy and exercise regularly and yet the majority of people don’t. Why? Habits.

I’m going to share with you a few tips that I have used to not only establish healthy habits in my daily life but also, maintain them.

1. Find someone to hold you accountable

A major reason...

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