A Lesson in Authenticity

Recently we were “outed”. Even though we took every precaution we knew to take, hiding our faces, geoblocking our location and blocking everyone in our personal lives from our social media accounts, it still got out.

We were prepared for it, we knew it would eventually happen and we were ready to have those tough conversations.  What we weren’t ready for or didn’t expect, was the loving and kind way that our family and friends, real friends, would respond to it.

Our family didn’t bat an eye and continued to love us, no questions asked. They didn’t chastise us or lecture us. In fact my 74yr old Mother-in-law was unphased. A true expression of unconditional love. Our friends, our TRUE friends supported us and told us basically to tell everyone else to go fuck themselves. They had our backs and could care less.

What we’re “doing”, providing health and fitness to a demographic who want and need it, isn’t wrong. Nor does it hurt anyone or affect anyone in a negative way. In fact, most of the people who know us and interact with us in-person daily have no idea what we do in our personal lives or online. However, because we live in the “bible-belt”, we want to respect those around us and protect them from push back. So we don’t talk or post openly about it.

You would think, in 2021, it wouldn’t be judged so harshly. In a culture where authenticity and body positivity is such a popular platform it’s surprising that we heard so much push back from those not so close to us. But that’s exactly where it came from… people in our local community where we live and work.

Of course none of the negative comments were said directly to us. It was all just whispering. Even some of our so called friends. Funny how that stuff always makes its way back to the people not meant to hear it.

Fortunately, we have tough skin. We are almost completely un-offendable…(is that a word?🤣) That comes from living most of our lives being repressed and finally, after years of being someone we weren’t, making the decision to live life on our terms. Coming into ourselves. We own who we are.  We have created a life of adventure and love. It’s pretty incredible when something like being outed brings us even closer.

So what is it about the sex positive and body positive culture that scares people so much?

It’s possible that it’s their lack of confidence or self esteem. Though my guess is, especially in the deep south (where we live), that it’s the lack of openness about sexuality or the religious indoctrination that teaches that it’s not okay to be sexual or to love your body. Whatever it is, it breeds discontent and shame.

It’s incredible the amount of private messages we receive every week from people in our community wanting advice (teachers, housewives, Sunday school teachers, nurses) and though we feel overwhelmingly unqualified to give advice, we want to help people find a path to living their best life and being their authentic self.

The best way we know to do that is to speak our truth and share our story. We are unashamed. We live our life unapologetically. It’s not always easy to go against the grain but it’s worth it to us. We have never felt so free. We are passionate about two things; loving freely and helping others in their health and fitness journey.

If you are looking for help on your health and fitness journey and want a sex positive and body positive community to help support you, reach out to us. We would love to help!

You can email us at [email protected] or sign up for our online coaching by clicking this link:


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