The Art of Misunderstanding

We are swingers.

I hate that word. It has seedy connotations that make me think of rumors of "key parties" from the 70's. We use the term Consensually Non-Monogamous or CNM.  It means that if we so choose, my husband and I can have sexual relations with another person(s).  We don't identify with any religion so we aren't governed by the religiously imposed laws that say marriage is A) only between a man and a woman and B) must be monogamous.  In fact, marriage as an institution is, in my opinion, a failure.

If you split the U.S. by region, the Bible belt has the highest divorce rate, and this has been the case for over a decade. I was not surprised by that.  I can walk into my kids high school football game and watch the other parents interact or should I say "not" interact with each other.  Yet religion has told them "till death do they part". To be honest, many of them look like their souls have been dead for years.

I was in their shoes. For...

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A Lesson in Authenticity

Recently we were “outed”. Even though we took every precaution we knew to take, hiding our faces, geoblocking our location and blocking everyone in our personal lives from our social media accounts, it still got out.

We were prepared for it, we knew it would eventually happen and we were ready to have those tough conversations.  What we weren’t ready for or didn’t expect, was the loving and kind way that our family and friends, real friends, would respond to it.

Our family didn’t bat an eye and continued to love us, no questions asked. They didn’t chastise us or lecture us. In fact my 74yr old Mother-in-law was unphased. A true expression of unconditional love. Our friends, our TRUE friends supported us and told us basically to tell everyone else to go fuck themselves. They had our backs and could care less.

What we’re “doing”, providing health and fitness to a demographic who want and need it, isn’t wrong. Nor does it...

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