BE BETTER AT BEING BAD II, Jan 4-11th, 2025!

10 Ways to Hold Yourself… Accountable.

If I asked you if eating healthy foods was important, you would say ‘of course,’ right? And if I asked whether exercise is key for health and wellness, you would most likely respond with a yes. So if we know that nutrition plus fitness is the magic formula for living a vibrantly healthy life (not to mention the obvious benefits to the ‘Lifestyle’), why don't we do it? Why do we prioritize one over the other? Why do we put one on the back burner and only get serious about it when we’ve been slapped in the face by a wake-up call, such as getting winded by 30 seconds in missionary position or a high blood-pressure reading at the doctor’s office? 

In our experience working with hundreds of individuals through Naughty Gym and our commercial gym, the key is accountability. We’re often willing to let ourselves down time after time, but when someone else is counting on us, we show up for them.


We show up for others because we don't...

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